Quote of the week: It’s a cog in the wheel. All the cogs will help scientists understand more about dragonfly and damselfly populations.

Illinois Odonate Survey  monitor Jim Wolf  explains why he volunteers counting dragonflies and damselflies.  For more, click here. eaternpondhoawk

Iphone photography by Sheryl DeVore

These photos were taken in the country of Peru as well as in the United States and include nature, food, people and historic sites. This is a small collection of my iphone photos. The dominant photo below was taken at a local library with my iphone. Some have been published in the Chicago Tribune, Shaw Media and Natural other regional and national periodicals.


Quote of the week: They don’t make root beer like this anywhere else.

Roy Miller and family celebrate 50 years running a Dog N Suds in Ingleside, Illinois. At its heyday, more than 600 Dog N Suds operated int he U.S. Today, only about 14 are left and Miller’s is one of them. Read more.   Below, Roy’s daughter, pours a draft root beer, made the same way it was five decades ago. Photo by Sheryl DeVoreIMG_7627

Quote of the week:There are impatient children running past them, pushing them

— Juanita Salerno

Carnivals can be exciting adventures for children who love the bright lights, rides and fast-paced fun.

But some children with special needs are unable to enjoy the carnival because of the difficulties of getting in and out of the seats quickly as well as other challenges, according to experts in the special-needs field.

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Children with special needs can ride the Dizzy Dragon at special carnival days.