The kingbird and the dragonfly

dragonEastern_Kingbird_2_(4770330164)[1] dragon

I try to walk nearly every day for at least two miles in my neighborhood — and every time I go, I see some interesting nature behavior. Today, I walked near the gingko tree at Community park where eastern kingbirds are nesting. I heard the rattling call of the kingbird and saw it flying like a kamikaze airplane pilot in the air trying to catch a dragonfly. Every time, it turned, the dragonfly turned — I wondered how long it would be before the kingbird would give up and decide it was too much energy to expend for a meal. But then just as the dragonfly flew off in another direction and the kingbird continued on course, another dragonfly flew right in front of the kingbird, who promptly snatched his unexpected meal.

Story morals here:  For dragonfly peeps, keep on going — you’ll eventually escape the craziness. Or, even if you think you’re watching where you’re going, something crazy is bound to happen.