Third day of May — the orioles are back, the spicebushes are fragrant



Today I took my sister to Chicago to the Magic Hedge where many migrant birds had landed just west of Lake Michigan. We saw and heard Baltimore Orioles — in full black and orange regalia — along with a most unusual Least Bittern sitting in a tree in the middle of the shrubbery. This bird belongs in the cattails, but it likely just landed after migrating. That’s the nature of the Magic Hedge.

The orioles are indeed back and came through last night — as my sister and I saw and heard several more at the Skokie Lagoons and then in her back yard — where she promptly went and added grape jelly to her feeder, which the orioles love.

I came home, bemoaning the fact the orioles hadn’t returned to my neck of the woods yet — and lo and behold I heard one singing. Welcome to your summer home, orioles. I don’t know where my darned grape jelly feeder is — my husband better find it when he comes home tonight.

Fragrances abound this time of year, including the sweet smell of Korean spicebush. Wish I could add a link to this photo that would help you enjoy the fragrance.

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain and I have a long day to work — but I will get outside and enjoy something of nature on the fourth day of May.

Photo top: Korean spicebush

Photo below: My sister filling her feeder with grape jelly to attract Baltimore Orioles. Catbirds and tanagers are also attracted to grape jelly.

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