First day of May


So good morning every-day-in-Mayers. I went outside and took some photos of what I’m calling: Promise. I really love the first days of May, which go by so quickly — I love that not all the buds are open, that some trees, like oaks still seem in winter mode, until you get up and look at the swelling buds. While walking my front and back yard to the sound of a cardinal and chickadee singing — I noticed some grape hyacinths in a place I’ve never seen them before, far away from where I planted them — I also looked at my serviceberry getting ready to shine white in full bloom — it comes and goes so fast. The prairie trillium have buds ready to pop, and the celandine poppy has a soft bit of yellow atop its bloom — ready to greet the spring. It’s still chilly out there, but the sun is shining in defiance of a long winter past. Also, the lovely yellow you see bursting from maple trees is not the leaves, but the flowers. They bloom first, then leaf out — and finally I looked at an old bird house, cracked, but still standing — and it was used last year — will a house wren come to claim it this year? There is promise…..

Photo above left: Celandine Poppy — by Sheryl DeVore

PhIMG_9197oto above right: Blooms of a maple tree — by Sheryl DeVore

Photo right: Bleeding heart — by Sheryl DeVore


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