A new blog trend: A Source’s Ultimate Quote


Greetings fellow writers, journalists and readers. I’m starting a new sidekick to my blog, Natural Editions called A Source’s Ultimate Quote. In interview so many interesting and fascinating people and get inspirational, amusing,  contradictory and thought-provoking quotes I’d like to share with you. I’ll also post quotes I find from stories I read on line that are — inspirational, amusing, contradictory and thought-provoking.

Here’s the first of many to come:

“I would liken the music of Carl Schalk to a bowl of crystal glass floating in water.”

copywright/Sheryl DeVore

I will post the article soon that includes this quote.

Loons in Lake County — where to find them and who’s the expert

I have been watching loons in Lake county for many years in spring, thanks to David B. Johnson, the looney expert. Here’s a link to  story I wrote for davidjohnsonphotobysheryldevorethe Chicago Tribune/News-Sun about Dave and his loony trip. Enjoy. Photo to the left is David B. Johnson, the “loon” ranger. I snapped a picture of him while at a recent gull frolic.  I just love sharing natural moments stories with readers. I hope they get out and look for some loons. Let me know if this inspired you and if you found any loons. You can find them in Cook County and McHenry County as well.