Rare species — should we save them?



It’s a complicated story — but in essence, the greater sage grouse may likely become extinct on the heels of Congress approving a budget through next September. Click here to read the story. It, of course, involves the oil industry.

Here’s my question: How do I explain to naysayers why we need to save endangered and rare species, wild lands, pieces of wilderness from so-called progress? Looking at the photo of a greater grouse above, what emotions does it invoke Some may look at it and say, it’s a bird — no big deal if we lose it.

But for me, it is a deep abiding feeling I have that humans need every piece of wild land and animal and plant sustained for our personal health and happiness, and also, as a selfless way of saving the earth for others to enjoy. I cannot offer statistics or examples to prove this feeling — but I do believe it exists in each and every one of us if we dig down deep and find out.  That’s what I think when I look at this photo. What are your thoughts on this? Would love to hear them.




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