Bird lovers, some web sites to check

RUTU_64th St Beach_5-28-13_W.Serafin

The above photo was taken by Wes Serafin. It’s a Ruddy Turnstone, a shorebird that migrates through Illinois.

Hello friends,

Today, I thought I’d offer some places to learn about the birds of Illinois — and as the author of Bird of Illinois, along with Steven D. Bailey,  it seems appropriate for me to find some suggestions. Plus the loony bird of the week!

There are loads of birding groups in Illinois, plus a statewide organization that publishes a quarterly journal on birdlife in Illinois (guess who’s the editor?).

So, without further ado, to learn more about birds, visit these sites. Plus, there are lots of local bird clubs out there in various parts of the state. Give these a try.

Illinois Ornithological Society

Chicago Ornithological Society

Chicago Audubon Society

Illinois Audubon Society


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