Sea of yellow, with a touch of purple

Goldenrods, black-eyed susans and native sunflowers are blooming — and so, too, is ironweed and a bit of new England aster, giving my yard a view of complementary colors.




2 thoughts on “Sea of yellow, with a touch of purple

  1. Hey there, Sheryl! I follow blogs from all over the world~ how fun to find you here, right in my back yard so to speak! Love the photo. I used to get so frustrated when the prairie plants I grow always flop over, but then I realized it is probably their way to ensure their seed lands as far as possible. Or else it is something else entirely! 🙂

    • Melissa, Great to hear from you. Regarding the flopping prairie plants, some botanists I know in central Illinois say that’s very possible in backyard prairies because there’s not enough structure and space to hold them all up (or something to that effect). My rosinweed, leadplant and rattlesnake master flop like crazy. But this year, I’ve had some tall native sunflowers that are standing erect and have been for at least a month. Not sure which species they are –but I love them — they look like stars dangling from the sky. I am not sure I’ve had them before and wonder if they were latent in the soil and liked the really wet weather. So fun to talk about this. Best always, Sheryl

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