Press coverage of the Hobby Lobby ruling

Facebook chatter has been fast and furious after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby being able to limit which types of contraceptives can be covered under its employees’ health care plan.

I’m thinking the above statement is pretty accurate and straightforward. But folks, more so the conservatives than the liberals, are complaining that the media have hyped this story and turning it into a much bigger issue than it is, as well as leaving out the important information such as which contraceptives will still be allowed to be covered in the health care plan.

Do you think the media are getting the story correct and giving it the right amount of coverage? In my opinion, as with all media coverage, yes and no.

For example, some of the headlines make it sound as if no contraceptives will be covered under the employee health care plan, which isn’t true. But then, some stories are missing out on an obvious angle — if Hobby Lobby is using its decision based on its religious beliefs, then why does it allow its 401K plan to include stocks purchased by its employees, of companies that make the products Hobby Lobby doesn’t want to pay for?

Have any of you read any thing really outlandish regarding this issue, or something that is accurate and well thought out regarding the issue — stories or commentaries — or otherwise.

Please comment with a link — this is another interesting issue in which the media get blamed for distorting the truth.


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