Exercise and nature


Some folks run through woodlands and prairies with headsets on listening to loud music with eyes straight ahead. Today, I did a power walk/mini jog through my neighborhood with no head sets, and listened to the sounds of nature among the oaks and in the park. I didn’t hear Michael Jackson, who I love, but I did hear Baltimore oriole, great crested flycatcher, eastern wood-pewee, warbling vireo, American robin, northern cardinal, song sparrow and the ubiquitous American robin.

And I looked at the sun, the healing vibrant sun.

Why don’t you try it just once, do your outdoor exercise with nature not in a bubble. 

And one more thing about exercise — I did a 30 minute power walk with arms up sometiems to keep  y heart rate up. Someone tell me that’s not as good as running nonstop a 5k, because I’m not buying it.

What do you all think?





2 thoughts on “Exercise and nature

  1. A 30 minute power walk has the same benefit of a 20 minute run and is much easier on hips and knees. Read that years ago when I did a lot of research on power walking and exercise. And I agree about listening to nature and forgetting the music. Also, I walk along a very busy road; I need to be able to hear approaching traffic. Yep, birds singing, watching farmers in their fields, the smell of the freshly turned earth, and the healing warmth of natural Vitamin D from the sun. Now THAT is good exercise!

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