Ducks in a fluddle

Many of you likely know that ducks are having a difficult time this year due to the  huge ice-over of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. We’ve heard stories of diving ducks like red-breasted mergansers being found along the shoreline.  It’s still darned cold out there and I worry about the ducks — but I did have a wonderful experience in LaSalle County this weekend. Ducks migrating back north found what’s termed a “fluddle” in the middle of an agricultural field. As the snow melts, it forms ephemeral ponds in the middle of agland. We came across such a fluddle holding hundreds upon hundreds of ducks — beautiful ducks called canvasback, redhead, ring-necked duck, lesser scaup, green-winged teal and more. In fact, we saw 16 species of ducks on one county over the weekend. They are beautiful, handsome colorful birds — My hope is that warm weather continues to thaw out the little ponds, marshes and lakes in our area as well as the great lakes so that migrating ducks can find places to rest and feed. Image