Quote of the week: “This is a real win for all of us. It’s such a reward – this is why we do this – creating and restoring habitat to support these important animals.”

Quote from Kelly Schultz of the Lake County Forest Preserves about finding the federally endangered rusty patched bumble bee at Greenbelt Forest Preserve.  Read more here.

Photo below courtesy of Kelly Schultz, taken at Greenbelt Forest Preserve.



Quote of the week: “It really was a quick decision and there were a lot of moving pieces that had to happen to give those birds a chance.”

Reena Bowman of the USFWS talks about why five piping  plovers were transferred from Wisconsin to Lake County, Illinois. Piping plovers are federally endangered. Read more here.

Photo copyright Dawn Fronk. This juvenile plover was discovered at Waukegan Beach after it flew south from Illinois Beach State Park. chickatwaukeganphotobydawn

Quote of the week: It is my hope that many will attend and remember this extraordinary woman (Barbara Reed-Turner), and that the future caretakers of the Reed-Turner Woodland will continue her work to maintain it as a rare and wonderful hidden gem.

Read my outdoor column for more on the Reed-Turner Woodland and Baltimore orioles. Photo of Baltimore oriole by John Heneghan. All rights reserved.orioleheneghan

Quote of the week: Knowing our history helps us understand ourselves and our ability to survive difficult times — whether during the Civil War of 1861-1865 or the current pandemic — both events give us perspective to help us understand and to have hope.

Quote from Lake County historian Diana Dretske about creating a historical account of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Read the story here.influenza-cartoon-national