Quote of the week: We’re in the beer business, and everybody always wanted to talk about beer. Now…people don’t want to talk about beer, they want to talk about solar energy.

Mike Kloss, COO of Kloss Distributing Co in Gurnee talks about converting his business to solar energy. All the electricity is obtained from 2,000 panels atop the building’s roof. Read more here.

Kloss Distributing Co installed 2,000 solar panels to provide all its electricity needs. (Kloss Distributing Co/PHOTO)

Quote of the week: “This is a real win for all of us. It’s such a reward – this is why we do this – creating and restoring habitat to support these important animals.”

Quote from Kelly Schultz of the Lake County Forest Preserves about finding the federally endangered rusty patched bumble bee at Greenbelt Forest Preserve.  Read more here.

Photo below courtesy of Kelly Schultz, taken at Greenbelt Forest Preserve.



Quote of the week: “It really was a quick decision and there were a lot of moving pieces that had to happen to give those birds a chance.”

Reena Bowman of the USFWS talks about why five piping  plovers were transferred from Wisconsin to Lake County, Illinois. Piping plovers are federally endangered. Read more here.

Photo copyright Dawn Fronk. This juvenile plover was discovered at Waukegan Beach after it flew south from Illinois Beach State Park. chickatwaukeganphotobydawn