Quote of the week: I’ve never seen anything like this

Chris Anchor on the deaths of cormorants due to avian flu. Read more here.


Quote of the Week: Woodworth Prairie gives you a glimpse of what the first European settlers saw when they walked through virgin prairies packed with copious and variably colored blooms, some just peaking from beneath the soil, and others like compass plant reaching 6 feet or taller and sprouting copious happy yellow flowers in summer.

Read here to learn about the very rare cicada that lives in this prairie.

Photo of rare prairie cicada by Carl Strang.

Quote of the week: We’re in the beer business, and everybody always wanted to talk about beer. Now…people don’t want to talk about beer, they want to talk about solar energy.

Mike Kloss, COO of Kloss Distributing Co in Gurnee talks about converting his business to solar energy. All the electricity is obtained from 2,000 panels atop the building’s roof. Read more here.

Kloss Distributing Co installed 2,000 solar panels to provide all its electricity needs. (Kloss Distributing Co/PHOTO)